WishList Member v3.3 Build 6928

WishList Member v3.3 Build 6928


  • Manage
    • Fixed: Unable to delete a level from member because if there’s 1 level that is not valid in the database


  • Return 404 for API 1.0 requests via API 2.0 if WLMAPI class is not found

User Interface

  • Fixed: Certain webhosts do not allow application/javascript to be returned by PHP scripts which results to our scripts being broken


  • Removed unneeded font types
  • Removed unneeded CSS and Javascript files
  • Removed unneeded loading of legacy admin_main.js
  • Removed unused function wlm_combine_styles()
  • Generated static CSS and Javascript files instead of combining them via PHP on every request
  • Moved CSS, Javascript and Fonts to their proper locations