WishList Member v2.93 Build 4495

WishList Member v2.93 Build 4495


PHP Errors

  • Fixed issue where WishList Member can’t be activated on sites that uses the PHP 5.2 version and lower.
  • Fixed integration page going blank when site is on PHP 5.2 and lower
  • Fixed PHP undefined variable and undefined index notices.


  • Fixed errors thrown into the error_log about int value being used but not defined.


  • Fixed issue with buffered content being sent together with our API result


  • Fixed issue where an attachment’s post ID is not being included in the data retrieved by get_posts function when the Hide/Show feature is set to Yes.

Sequential Upgrade

  • Fixed issue where Sequential Upgrade area is blank when using PHP version below 5.5.

Post Editor

  • Fixed issue where Thrive Architect Page Builder stops working due to a javascript error from our shortcode inserter


Self Check

  • Updated the minimum PHP version requirement of WishList Member from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4