WishList Member v2.9 Build 2950

WishList Member v2.9 Build 2950

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed non-working registration form shortcodes when using WP 4.4 if the level name have spaces
  • Fixed shortcodes not working if used as value in an input field when using WP 4.4
  • Fixed shortcode inserter for Private Tags. The word “Select All” gets included when selecting all levels.


  • Fixed wrong code causing some Stripe data to not be displayed due to using `__()` instead of `_e()`



  • Moved shortcode inserter for registration forms from “Shortcodes” to “Mergecodes”


  • Queue the checking of transaction ids to make sure that each one is processed before processing again


  • Added shortcode format. We are deprecating [[wlm_register_Level Name]]
  • Added “wishlistmember_login_redirect_override” and “wishlistmember_logout_redirect_override” filter hooks
  • Added “wishlistmember_after_login” and “wishlistmember_after_logout” action hooks