WishList Member v2.8 Build 2831

WishList Member v2.8 Build 2831

Members Tab

  • Fixed issue where not all members appear when searching via Membership Level.


  • Fixed (Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Stripe needs the Multibyte String PHP extension.’)


  • Fixed issue with labels not appearing on registration page with custom registration form when using the improved registration page
  • Fixed registration error for email addresses that have single quotes (ex. o’brien@website.com)

Lost Password

  • Fixed incompatibility with WordPress 4.3’s expiring lost password link
  • Fixed issue with servers that do not send the lost password email because it starts with “RE:”


  • Fixed integrarions typo in Members >> Import page
  • Fixed non-working password reset link if wp_login_url returns URL with “? in” it
  • Fixed problems with WP Theme Customizer
  • Cannot see comments on post/page when Recent Comments widget is active


  • Fixed ../ exploit for file/folder protection