WishList Member v2.8 Build 1969

WishList Member v2.8 Build 1969


Sequential Upgrade

  • Highlight fields that needs to be corrected when saving Sequential Upgrade settings


  • Made Stripe’s login form message translateable
  • Changed Spreedly integration to Pin Payments Integration


  • Changed menu text Levels -> Move Membership Levels TO Move/Add Members

Email Templates

  • Consolidate merge codes for each template under a single merge code button


  • Updated WishListMemberUser class to include PayPerPosts
  • Used $wpdb->prepare instead of mysql_escape_string

Bug Fixes

File/Folder Protection

  • Fixed issues when downloading PDF files in Chrome


  • Fixed non-working “Expired” members search option in Advance search
  • Fixed non-working “Expired” members search via expiration date in Advance search
  • Fixed member import not properly importing encrypted passwords
  • Fixed member import emailing encrypted password. We now just display asterisks if the imported password is encrypted


  • Fixed API Queuing for non-english sites
  • Fixed API /content resource to accept “post” and “page” (without trailing “s”) as content types. It used to only accept “posts” and “pages”
  • Fixed wlmapiclass returning null on auth upon second request of the same instantiated object