WishList Member v2.7 Build 1143 (Dev)

WishList Member v2.7 Build 1143 (Dev)


  • Added API2 option to send welcome email when adding users via the /members resource by setting “SendMail” in the post data


  • Added Custom merge code support at both new and existing registration


  • Improved sequential upgrade 5-minute cookie hold so that it’s now user id based and not browser based allowing for more realistic testing

Bug Fixes

  • Replaced hard-coded wp-login.php URLs with call to wp_login_url() instead.
  • Added checking for existence of xmlrpc classes before including it in our infusionsoft integration. this prevents the creation of already existing classes.
  • Fixed unreliable Paypal $0 Trial. Issue is caused by transient hash not being stored in the database.