WishList Member 3.22.0

WishList Member 3.22.0

What’s New

  • Team Accounts


  • Fixed issue where the name of the Pay Per Post that the user purchased is not reflecting on Stripe’s side.


  • Fixed Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool.

Code Redemption

  • Fixed CodeRedemption import is not updating member levels.


  • Existing Tag actions doesn’t show on the Tag Actions tab.

Divi Front end Visual Editor

  • Fixed issue where the Divi Visual Editor page is not loading when WooCOmmerce integration is enabled.

Members >> Manage

  • Fixed issue where searching by date is not working when timezone is set to UTC-0 and below.


  • Redirect user to the after login page if “Auto Login Member After Clicking Confirmation Link” is enabled.


  • Added wishlistmember_pre_tinymce_insertbutton filter in case we don’t want to load the WishList Member’s TINYMCE assets in some situations.