WishList Member v3.0 Build 6179



  • The password is not updated in Infusionsoft when a member is updated and WishList Member for Infusionsoft is installed.
  • Mass Move/Add
    • Error message displaying $$1 and $$2

Payment Integrations

  • PayPal Checkout
    • “Cancel Membership Immediately After PayPal Subscription is Cancelled” setting do not properly reflect default settings in the admin section
    • “Cancel Membership Immediately After PayPal Subscription is Cancelled” setting is not properly processed
    • Failed IPN due to HTTP Error 500
  • PayPal Payments Standard (Legacy)
    • “Cancel Membership Immediately After PayPal Subscription is Cancelled” setting do not properly reflect default settings


  • Magic Page
    • Incorrect magic page can sometimes be returned on freshly installed sites.
  • Widget
    • Widget’s Register link is not 3.0 compliant



  • Improved mobile version for the following sections:
    • Administration > Backup
    • Setup > Getting Started
    • Members > Manage
    • Content Protection

WishList Member v3.0 Build 6167



  • BuddyBoss
    • Uploading images in the Activity page of BuddyBoss isn’t working due to a conflict with Fancybox
  • OptimizePress
    • Broken styling of popup payment forms used by Stripe, PayPal Pro, eWAY, Authorize.net – ARB and 2Checkout
    • Broken Media Uploader in configuration section of used by Stripe, PayPal Pro, eWAY, Authorize.net – ARB and 2Checkout
  • LearnDash ProPanel
    • Broken widget in WP Dashboard
  • X5 Theme
    • Broken styling
  • WP Support Plus
    • Broken WishList Member UI
  • BuddyPress
    • Members can access content that they don’t have access to
  • Other
    • Only selectively remove styles from other plugins and themes when in WishList Member admin area
    • PHP Out of Memory error on Dashboard and Members sections

Shopping Cart

  • Stripe
    • Cancelling via the Stripe profile shortcode doesn’t work when the setting “Cancel the member immediately after the subscription ends” is disabled
  • Authorize.net – ARB
    • User gets 500 error when making payment
  • PayPal Checkout
    • Shortcode inserter not working if Smart Payment Buttons is disabled
    • Firect link cause Prevent Duplicate issue
    • Prevent Duplicate Registration always triggers when registering for the second time if it’s on


  • Mailchimp Integration
    • Cannot change lists


  • Pay Per Post dropdown in Add Pay Per Post action modal only searches for posts and not other post types if no ptype is passed


  • Blank page with “0” shows up if any of that stats is clicked, then browser back button is clicked, then a stat is clicked again
  • Incorrect Non-Members count

Theme-styled Registration Form

  • Form not retaining previous values when a registration error has occured

Media Uploader

  • Media uploader not working because wp.media dependencies are not loaded


  • Broken POST/PUT for /levels resource


  • Datetime picker showing Invalid date if using different language such as Russian, etc.
  • Type error on email broadcast message



  • Added ‘Delete Member’ tooltip to trash icon

Post/page Shortcode Lightbox

  • Registration Form [wlm_register] – removed “Select All” from dropdown and defaulted it to the first level in the list
  • Private tags [wlm_private] – added “Select Membership Level(s)” placeholder
  • Styled “X” button properly

Shopping Cart

  • Authorize.net – ARB
    • Popup registration form amount desription text change
    • Removed “0 cycles” from amount description in payment popup if cycle is blank or 0 which means it’s unlimited
    • Updated tooltips for products edit form
    • Updated the Authorize.net – ARB classes to use namespaces to prevent conflicts with other plugins using the same libraries that we use


  • GetResponse API
    • Changed “Campaign Name” to “List Name”


  • Better support Right-to-Left languages



  • Added link to WordPress edit user page

Registration Forms

  • Added “wishlistmember-registration-form” class to the body tag if the magic page is showing a registration form for better CSS targeting

WishList Member v3.0 Build 6123


  • Payment Integrations
    • Stripe
      • Stripe Customer ID is being set to 0 whenever an admin updates a user’s profile in Members > Manage
      • Plan amounts that are greater than or equal to 1000 are processed incorrectly
    • PayPal
      • PayPal button selector on the ShortCode Inserter popup doesn’t display due to a conflict with SmartTheme
    • Paypal Express
      • $0 trial price is not being processed by the code and instead bills the user the regular recurring price immediately
  • Email Integrations
    • MailChimp
      • Members not being added to list because interest is an empty string
  • Levels
    • When editing levels, dropdowns (i.e. the Roles dropdown) don’t show actual value giving the impression that the setting was not saved even though they were
  • PayPerPost
    • Broken after login and after registration redirects
  • Import Members
    • Members are not being imported to the level(s) specified in the import file
  • License Activation
    • WishList Member won’t accept license key if there’s space before or after
  • Shortcodes
    • Broken [[wlm_regform]] shortcode when membership level contains special HTML characters
  • Others
    • Translation/language files not loaded
    • Conflict with Nextgen Gallery
    • Made sure to load our jQuery last to avoid conflicts with other plugins that modify the loaded jQuery
    • Basic support for RTL languages


  • Dashboard and Levels
    • Improved loading of dashboard screen by loading membership level statistics via ajax
  • Payment Integrations
    • Clickbank
      • Added support for Instant Notification version 7.0
  • Members
    • Allow cancel/uncancel of levels
  • Others
    • We no longer wrap text emails at 75. Instead we let the email client handle the wrapping of text emails
    • Users with no levels will now use the default after login redirect when they login
    • Added ASP Tags to System Info > Server Environment

WishList Member v3.0 Build 6093


  • Theme Styled Registration form
    • Terms of Service not showing properly on theme styled forms
    • Text input fields have wrong type attribute
  • TinyMCE
    • Relative URLs are being saved causing links and images in emails to not work
  • Email Broadcast
    • TinyMCE editor sometimes not loading when editing an old broadcast
    • Email Broadcast images not showing in emails because “src” URLs are converted to relative URLs by TinyMCE
  • User Interface
    • Broken UI due to loading CSS and Javascript with relative paths
    • Broken UI due to compression of CSS and Javascript
    • Broken UI due to transients not being saved for some reason Fix is to not use transients at all
  • All Integrations
    • Incomplete data can sometimes be shown due to slow loading of javascript in the background
  • Payment Integrations
    • ClickBank
      • Non-numeric product IDs are not allowed
  • Email Integration
    • GetResponse
      • Fails to add subscriber to campaign if no name is provided
      • Missing TH tag on table
      • Incorrect tooltip for Campaign Name
  • Plugin/Theme Javascript and CSS Conflicts
    • Plugin/theme conflicts by caused by styles and scripts loaded by themes and other plugins on our page
  • Email Notifications
    • Welcome email notification being sent out on:
      • Sequential Upgrade
      • Mass Move/Add
      • Admin adds a level to a member
  • Post/Page Screen
    • Conflict with WPBakery Page Builder if both WishList Member 3.0 and Bridge Theme are activated


  • Payment Integration
    • PayPal Checkout
      • Added Instant Payment Notification instructions
  • Theme Styled Custom Registration form
    • Added double checking to make sure that Terms of Service is always required
    • Auto-detect if Terms of Service is in HTML. If not, convert new lines to BR tags
    • Removed default description for passwords
  • Members
    • Displayed custom fields in single column instead of two
    • Prevent level dates from being invalid
    • Gave admin the option to send out a welcome email notifiation when adding a user via the admin interface.
  • Other
    • Hide notifications displayed by themes and other plugins on WishList Member screens

WishList Member v3.0 Build 6062


  • Levels
    • Cloning levels not copying content from the source level to the cloned level
  • Email Integration
    • Email integrations stop working as soon as the admin goes to Setup > Integrations > Email Providers
    • iContact
      • Mailing lists can’t be configured/edited
  • Email Notifications
    • Lost Password, Password Hint and Member Unsubscribe email notifications not being sent
  • Registration Forms
    • Custom registration forms settings not properly “attached” to levels when migrating from 2.9 to 3.0
    • Before and After registration form text not properly migrated from 2.9 to 3.0
  • Mobile
    • WordPress menu not working when in mobile
  • WordPress 4.0 Compatibility
    • fixed broken compatibility with WordPress 4.0 caused by the use of wpaddinlinescript and wpscriptadddata
    • fixed fatal error caused by the use of wpenqueueeditor


  • Members
    • Added “Reset Login Limit” when editing a member. Used to only be available when viewing a member’s profile via the WordPress profile section.

WishList Member v3.0 Build 6049


  • User Interface
    • Broken UI due to conflict with theme styles and scripts
    • Broken UI caused by servers preventing long query strings
  • Dashboard
    • Members count doesn’t match up on per level basis in Dashboard
  • Levels
    • Auto-corrected invalid 2.9 level expiration data when migrating to 3.0
  • Email Broadcast
    • Broken shortcode inserter in Email Broadcast
  • Integrations
    • Testing the Clickbank’s IPN returns “Invalid IPN URL”
  • Others
    • Broken modal boxes in mobile devices where the modal box shows behind the backdrop
    • False virus positive


  • Added text explaining how to use Custom Registration Forms
  • Changed “Notifications” tab to “Email Notifications” in Levels

WishList Member v3.0 Build 6035


Email Broadcast

  • Broken HTML formatting
  • “fromname” and “fromemail” columns are not created in the database table if upgrading from 2.9 to 3.0 via FTP

User Interface

  • CSS and Javascript not loading due to server rules preventing PHP code to be executed inside of wp-content causing the UI to not load properly


  • Broken per level after registration redirect
  • Broken per level after login redirect
  • Broken per level after logout redirect


  • URLs pointing to the same domain are converted to relative URLs
  • TinyMCE not loading because it tries to load the wrong dependencies

PHP Error

  • A non-numeric value encountered.

WishList Member v3.0 Build 6018


  • Conflict with Thrive Themes causing the user interface to be unusable
  • WishList Widget displaying a dot on its own line before “More Levels” if you have many levels.


  • Removed “Beta” from plugin name

WishList Member v3.0 Build 6014


  • Complete overhaul to the Admin Interface
  • Level-based settings including per-level notifications
  • Error messages in addition to Error Pages/URLs
  • Added Remove option on Sequential Upgrade
  • Simple CSS Editor
  • Login/Logout Menu Item
  • Update Profile shortcode
  • Theme Styled registration form
  • Version Rollback
  • System Information

Payment Providers

  • New
    • PayKickstart
    • PayBlue
  • Updated
    • Stripe
    • PayPal
    • eWay
    • Authorize.net
    • JVZoo
    • ThriveCart

Email Providers

  • New
    • Sendlane
  • Updated
    • Drip

New Integration

  • Zapier

For more info about WishList Member 3.0, see our post with an included video.

WishList Member v2.93 Build 5954


  • Advanced Search
    • Fixed searching for “Expired” “LEVEL” displays users with “Active” “LEVEL” if the user has other expired levels.
    • Fixed searching for “Active” “LEVEL” displays users with Expired “LEVEL” if the user has other active levels.
    • Fixed issue using Date Filter on Registration date per membership level doesn’t display accurate results.


  • Payment
    • Stripe
      • Fixed issue where invoice date is showing Jan 01, 1970
      • Fixed error “Received unknown parameter: atperiodend” when cancelling

Data Privacy

  • Autoresponder
    • Fixed autoresponder not being processed and Email BroadCast Subscription is set to “No” even if the user agreed to the “Marketing Consent” upon registration. This happens when the “Display Consent Checkbox for Additional Marketing on Registration Form” in the Data Privacy setting is enabled and the registration came from a shopping cart purchase.

PHP Warnings / Notices

  • Fixed Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
  • Fixed Notice: “Trying to get property of non-object”
  • Fixed the Warning Error “Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in” on sites that uses PHP 7.2 and newer

WishList Member v2.93 Build 5644


  • 2Checkout
    • Removed the character limit on Vendor ID and Secret Key as 2Checkout recently upgraded their system and now use a 20-character “secret key”
  • PayPal Express Checkout
    • Added instruction about adding the Instant Payment Notification URL.
    • Added support for txn_type of subscr_cancel. This is when the IPN Cancellation Paypal sends for payments made in Paypal Standard.
  • eWay
    • Changed label for eWAY Password to eWAY API Password in admin area
  • Stripe
    • Fixed issue with generating extra slash before every quote at payment form.
    • Fixed issue where the amount in the “Pay” button disappears when the coupon code file gets highlighted when using this form of Stripe shortcode – [wlm_stripe_btn sku=0000000000]]Button Label[[/wlm_stripe_btn]
      • Stripe API updated to latest Stripe API version 6.27.0.
      • Fixed WLM Stripe integration to follow the trial option from Stripe subscription plan.
  • Authorize.net Simple Checkout
    • Changed MD5 Hash to SHA512 Signature Key


  • Advanced Search
    • Fixed typo “Canceled” to “Cancelled”
    • Fixed issue where advanced search doesn’t work if admin searches for “Active” members of a particular level and the user is active on that level but has another level which is cancelled/expired.


  • Fixed Copy URL not working on latest browsers. (Changed plugin from ZeroClipboard.js to Clipboard.js)


  • Fixed issue where the Additional Levels are not showing on the registration page
  • Fixed non-unique ID error found on browser console

Content Protection

  • Fixed non-working “Inherit Protection” when editing a page


  • Fixed white page issue with [wlm_contentlevels] shortcode when used inside the WishList Member wrong membership level page


  • Fixed very long API query generated when calling /levels/xxx/members
  • Fixed issue with cancellation via API when cancel date is set to a future date.

Data Privacy

  • User Request Email
    • Fixed the issue where the [[request]] mergecode is showing ‘###REQUEST###’ instead of the description of the request.

Post / Page Options

  • Fixed a minor issue where you can’t enter an external URL on the “Membership Cancelled” redirection page.

Plugin Conflicts

  • Fixed issue with Hummingbird plugin admin area
  • Fixed conflict with Elementor 2.3.x caused by older version of the underscores library used by WishList Member
  • Fixed conflicting enqueued script in pop-up payment forms when PowerPack Elements plugin is activated.

PHP Warnings

  • Cannot assign an empty string to a string.
  • Fixed “A non-numeric value encountered” warning that could appear at server error log by visiting WLM member menu
  • Fixed the warning “Run-time warning count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable” that appears when using PHP 7.2 version in ClickBank Settings Page
  • Fixed the Warning Error “Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in” on sites that uses PHP 7.2 and newer.

WishList Member v2.93 Build 4800



  • Payment
    • PayPal
      • Fixed non-working PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Pro links when NSS is used as SSL library on the server
    • 1ShoppingCart
      • Fixed issue where duplicate incomplete registrations are being created when an Instant Notification is sent for the member’s upsell level


  • Fixed issue where the DELETE method doesn’t work on remote API calls


  • Fixed issue where the page goes blank whenever the Admin adds a new member in the Members tab and there’s an incorrect data submitted (eg. Missing username or invalid email address).
  • Fixed issue where users with cancelled membership levels are still getting the incomplete registration emails

File Protection

  • Fixed errors in error log about mime type not existing


  • Updated methods on how licenses can be deactivated

PHP Warnings / Notices

  • Fixed Warnings/Notices that only shows when the Server has the highest PHP error_reporting Level configured


  • Fixed conflict with Profit Builder and other themes/plugins that uses page builder where the WP Editor doesn’t load correctly on page builders that loads via AJAX
  • Fixed issue with WP CLI where running WishList Member’s cron jobs return a fatal error

WishList Member v2.93 Build 4495


PHP Errors

  • Fixed issue where WishList Member can’t be activated on sites that uses the PHP 5.2 version and lower.
  • Fixed integration page going blank when site is on PHP 5.2 and lower
  • Fixed PHP undefined variable and undefined index notices.


  • Fixed errors thrown into the error_log about int value being used but not defined.


  • Fixed issue with buffered content being sent together with our API result


  • Fixed issue where an attachment’s post ID is not being included in the data retrieved by get_posts function when the Hide/Show feature is set to Yes.

Sequential Upgrade

  • Fixed issue where Sequential Upgrade area is blank when using PHP version below 5.5.

Post Editor

  • Fixed issue where Thrive Architect Page Builder stops working due to a javascript error from our shortcode inserter


Self Check

  • Updated the minimum PHP version requirement of WishList Member from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4

WishList Member v2.93 Build 4353


Payment Integrations

  • Fixed issue where most payment integrations fail when TOS is required under Data Privacy


Data Privacy

  • Data erasure
    • Delete login counter as it contains IP addresses
    • Delete registration IP address

WishList Member v2.93 Build 4323


Data Privacy

  • Added Data Privacy section under the Members tab
  • Added admin capability to enable email to people who unsubscribe with the link for them to be able to resubscribe

Sequential Upgrade

  • Added pagination and search feature for sites that have large numbers of Membership Levels


  • Shopping Cart
    • ClickBank
      • Added support for “Encrypt Transaction URLs” in Clickbank.


  • Added admin capability to bulk subscribe / unsubscribe users from email broadcast



  • Fixed issue with WP Media


  • Fixed API not returning the proper error code on multisites if email or username already exists. This fixes the issue with ThriveCart where existing customers cannot purchase new levels if the WP site has multisite enabled

Content Protection

  • Fixed issue where not all levels are properly inherited by the child
  • Fixed issue where protection is not passed from the parent to the child when eding the parent’s protection/levels


  • Shopping Cart
    • PayPal
      • Updated PayPal library to fix deprecated code
      • Fixed improper usage of clone($object) to clone $object
    • Stripe
      • Fixed conflict with “WP Simple Pay Pro 3
      • Renamed class “Stripe” to “WLM_Stripe” to further prevent plugin conflicts with other plugins that uses the same Stripe Library
      • Renamed Namespace from “Stripe” to “WLMStripe”. This is to prevent conflicts with other plugins that uses the same Stripe library as ours
    • Authorize.Net (Simple Checkout)
      • Fixed issue where the integration stopped working due to outdated cert.pem file
    • 1ShoppingCart
      • Fixed issue where a duplicate incomplete registration is being created when receiving an Instant Notification for an upsell

WishList Member v2.92 Build 4169

Updates & Fixes

  • WishList Member now requires PHP 5.4 or higher
  • Integrations
    • Shopping Cart
      • Added code to specify the minimum version required for a payment integration
      • Allow integration to tell WLM that it should not be loaded by returning false to the include
      • Added way for integrations to specify an error message if the minimum PHP version is not met
      • 1ShoppingCart
        • Added support to process upsells when incomplete registrations are created via the 1ShoppingCart’s instant notification.
        • We now queue new order IDs sent via the 1ShoppingCart API notification. This will be run via cron hourly and will create an incomplete registration if the ORDER ID doesn’t exist yet on any of the existing users.
      • Recurly
        • Fixed WP_RecurlyClient::last_error() not working
      • Stripe
        • Fixed issue where the Stripe’s webhook URL just redirects producing a 302 error when the “Prevent duplicate shopping cart registrations” setting is enabled
        • Updated code for Stripe API Version 2018-02-06
        • Added notice when Stripe is enabled and PHP version is less than 5.4
      • ClickBank
        • Fixed issue where upsell levels aren’t being processed (being added to the user).
        • Fixed site crash when using ClickBank integration and running WishList Member on PHP 7.2 due to mcrypt_decrypt function that has been DEPRECATED since PHP 7.1 and REMOVED as of PHP 7.2.
      • PayPal
        • Updated PayPal SDK
          • Fixes improper use of clone keyword in old SDK
    • AutoResponder
      • Unsubscribe expired members from Autoresponder
        • Refactored function UnsubscribeExpired() so that it only processes users with expired levels.
        • We now flag processed expired members so that we don’t run ARsubscribe() every hour.
      • ConvertKit
        • Fixed issue with first name and last name being merged into the first name field in ConvertKit rather than being kept separate.
    • Webinar
      • GotoWebinar
        • Fixed auth code URL to use the WLM_GTMAPI_OAuth::getApiAuthorizationUrl() method
        • Added support for OAuth Version 2.0 authentication as they will be depreciating the previous authentication method on August 14, 2018.
  • License Activation
    • Removed .dev from the exemptions list because .dev is soon to be a valid TLD
  • API
    • Fix issue where an extra (U-USERID) entry is being added to the array of membership levels when using the global function wlmapi_get_member_levels()
    • Remove duplication of levels in rendering No Membership Level
    • MultiSite
      • Fix issue where the ******** shortcode returns ******** on the “Registration” email notification if the WordPress site is in multisite mode. ThriveCart is affected by this issue as they’re using WLMAPI to auto create the user account after purchase.
    • API Helper Class (wlmapiclass)
      • Fixed json_decode error due to the \0 character being included in an object property
      • Updated code so that cookie files are deleted after use
  • Manage Members
    • Fixed issue with date picker and scheduled cancel
    • Fixed “Add New Member” issue for allowed users using “WishList Access Control” plugin
    • Fixed issue where the Remove from Level (when scheduled) action is not working.
  • ReCaptcha
    • Fix issue where the registration page of the membership level returns a white page because of a ReCaptcha conflict with other plugins (in this case it’s the ToolSet Types plugin).
  • Caching
    • Fixed folder permission error
  • Registration
    • Fixed issue where the user is redirected back to the registration page with the error “Username Already Exist” when they click the “Submit Registration” button twice.
  • Profile Page
    • Updated code so that WishList Member data can be edited by anyone with the wishlistmember_members_manage capability
    • Updated code so that hidden custom fields can be edited by anyone with the wishlistmember_edit_custom_fields capability
  • PHP Errors / Warnings
    • Took care of a few PHP Warnings
    • PHP error due to incorrect type casting syntax
    • Fixed use of undefined constant error. Error caused by array indexes that are specified as such $array[index] instead of $array[‘index’]
    • Fixed array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array in WishListMember_Level::GetAllLevels()
    • Replaced all usage of $HTTP_SERVER_VARS with $_SERVER

WishList Member v2.92 Build 3572


  • Payment Gateway Integration

    • 1ShoppingCart

      • Fix issue where temp accounts without levels are being created when a rebill Instant Notification is sent by 1ShoppingCart.

WishList Member v2.92 Build 3566


  • Payment Gateway Integration

    • PayPal Express Checkout

      • Added an extra setting to allow the admin to select the URL where the user will be redirected if they cancel their purchase in the PayPal Checkout Page.
    • 1ShoppingCart

      • We now create incomplete registration when WishList Member receives the Instant Notification for “NewOrder”. This way an incomplete registration will still be created even if the user closes the browser immediately after completing the payment. (Previously temp accounts won’t be created if the user is not redirected to the 1ShoppingCart’s thank you url.
      • Added this update so that we can also put the ORDER ID of the upsell order as TXN ID’s on the upsell levels.  This will allow WishList Member to cancel the upsell level if the upsell order in 1SC fails or is deactivated.
    • PayFlow

      • Remove debug codes left on the PayFlow shortcode.
    • ClickBank

      • We now create incomplete registration when WishList Member receives the Instant Notification from ClickBank. This way even if the customer forgets to click the green button on the receipt page, a temp account will still be created for them.
  • Webinar Integration

    • GotoWebinar

      • Updating the OLD API base URL to the new one (https://api.getgo.com) because the old API base URL (https://api.citrixonline.com) will stop working on Dec 31, 2017.
  • Members

    • Import Members

      • Added “Do not send any email notification” option to “Import Members” menu.
    • Manage Members

      • Fixed error messages being displayed
      • User Search improvement
      • Change Saved Search prefix from SaveSearch to SavedSearch. Also changed a few labels to match.
  • Settings

    • Email

      • Added support for [[nickname]] shortcode in our email templates.
  • API

    • wlmapiclass.php

      • Trimmed result returned by curl request to rule out whitespace errors
  • Internal

    • Caching

      • Added caching mechanism for the following functions:
        • GetMembershipContent()
        • SpecialContentLevel()
        • GetUser_ForApproval_PayPerPost()
    • WordPress Hooks

      • Added an extra hook wishlistmember_process_registration_filter. This is an extra filter users can use if they want to add extra validation without editing the WishList Member core files.


  • Payment Gateway Integration

    • PayFlow

      • Fixed the issue where the payment button label does not show the pay period set for the product
    • Stripe

      • Fixed the issue where the payment button does not show the button label and only the price is being displayed.
    • ClickBank

      • Minor fix to the update update made in build 3456 as the Last Name and First Name are saved in reverse.
    • eWay

      • Fixed warnings errors related to sync
      • Fixed Illegal string offset warnings at error log
    • InfusionSoft

      • Fixed issue where “Pending/Unconfirmed” members are being added to the Infusionsoft’s contact list and have their tags processed even before their Membership Level gets active.
  • AutoResponder Integration

    • MailChimp

      • Fixed issue where member is not being added to a group because of the Invalid interest ID: ‘0’ error.
    •  Ontraport

      • Fixed issue where users are not tagged correctly when added via WLMAPI.
    • InfusionSoft

      • Fixed issue where “Pending/Unconfirmed” members are being added to the Infusionsoft’s contact list and have their tags processed even before their Membership Level gets active.
    • All

      • Fixed issue with NOT adding the user to the AutoResponder list for the additional levels (such as upsell).
  • Other Integration

    • iDevAffiliate

      • Fixed issue with server ip address for host that are under proxy.
      • fixed fatal error caused by calling GetOption when is not yet initialized
    • BBPress

      • Fixed issue where the Replies made by users doesn’t inherit the protection status and levels of the parent Topic..
  • Members

    • Manage

      • Advanced Search fix for active members
  • Content

    • Category Protection

      • Fixed issue where logged in members who has access to the post are redirected to the “Wrong Membership Level” page if the permalink is set to /%category%/%postname%/
      • Fixed none member redirect issue for category protection when “Only show content for each membership level” settings is set to “Yes”
    • Pay Per Post

      • Fixed issue where the “Default Pay Per Post Setting” when set to “On” is not reflected on new pages/posts/custom post types.
  • Registration

    • Form

      • Fixed issue where the status of the Checkbox and TOS (whether checked or not) is not retained when the user submits their registration and is returned back to the registration page because of an error.
  • Backup

    • Fix issue about the warning when creating a backup
  • API

    • Multisite

      • Add a member to the sub site if a WLMAPI call to create a new user is called and the member already exists in the network but is not a member of the subsite.
      • Fixed issue where getting list of users in multisite via WLMAPI returns all the users in the network.
      • We also now add a member to the sub site if a WLMAPI call to add a user to a level is called and the member is not a member of the subsite.
  • Internal

    • Database Error

      • Fixed database error caused by getting user data when tables are not yet created during plugin activation
      • Fixed database error caused by shortcode initialization
      • Fixed database error caused by initialization of WishListMemberCache in Constructor
      • Fixed database error caused by initialization of wlm_cookies
    • PHP

      • Fixed Minor Warning/Notices being recorded in the error_log.
      • Fixed PHP 7 compatibility error on wishlist-member/extlib/nusoap/class.soapclient.php
      • Removed the magic_quotes_runtime checker as this records errors in the error_log as this is already DEPRECATED in PHP 5.3.0, and REMOVED as of PHP 7.0.0.
      • Fixed the error “Use of undefined constant”.
  • Other

    • Levels display array warning. MemberIDs function returns empty if levelid is long due to int conversion
    • Fixed issue where the registration page returns a fatal error when the Recaptcha is enabled and the plugin Unyson is active on the WordPress site.
    • Fixed issue where the Blue WishList Member code inserter does not show the Integration option in OptimizePress Plugin live editor.

WishList Member v2.92 Build 3228


  • Integration
    •  Stripe
      • Fixed issue where another button label is showing in the form
      • Fixed issue where logging in via the Existing Members Login form on the Stripe Popup redirects to a 502 error on WP Engine hosted sites.
      • Fixed browser side error message “Stripe does not support serving Stripe.js from your own domain”
    • PayPal Payflow
      • Fixed issue where recurring payment buttons are not passing the correct term, frequency and payperiod data to the Payment Profile.
      • Fixed issue where the new Pay Period settings for Payflow integration was also added to other PayPal integrations.
    • PayPal Payments Pro/PayPal Payflow
      • Fixed issue where the PayPal settings page doesn’t display correctly due to a javascript error.
  • Shortcodes
    • Fixed issue where the new register shortcode format (eg. [wlm_register "Silver"]) doesn’t work when the “Disable support for legacy WishList Member Registration Shortcodes” setting is set to “Yes”.
    • Fixed issue where the new register shortcode format that has a space in the membership level name (eg.[ ]) doesn’t work.
  • Settings
    • Email
      • Fixed issue with company merge code
  • Protection
    • Attachments
      • Fix the issue where attachment that is attached to a protected page keeps on redirecting to the Wrong Member error page even when access to protected contents were properly set.
  • Expiring Member Notification
    • Fix the issue where expiring members are getting multiple email notifications.
  • Other
    • Fixed some more code for PHP 7 compatibility
    • Fixed iDevAffiliate warning on first install due to empty settings
    • Fixed issue where dropdowns in the WishList Member Admin pages using select2 isn’t working correctly due to plugin/theme conflicts.


  • Settings
    • Email Notifications
      • Updated the code that handles the automatic email confirmation reminder being sent via CRON.
    • Advanced
      • Added a setting where Admin can change the folder path where WishList Member saves its cache files.
    • Miscellaneous
      • Added a setting for disabling the Auto Login feature when members clicks the confirmation link.
  • Integration
    • PayPal Express Checkout
      • Updated the cancel URL so that when members click the “Cancel” link on the PayPal checkout form and decided not to go complete the payment, they’ll get redirected to the home page.
    • Stripe
      • Supported for alignment of buy button to left, center or right
  • Registration Form
    • Updated website field to allow user to enter URL without protocol
    • Updated the the Terms of Service Modal to be responsive.
  • Membership Level
    • Added option for admin to allow users to re-register even if they are not yet expired to the level and extend their expiration by updating their registration date.
    • Display error message when an error occurs in updating a membership level
  • Members
    • Added support for searching inactive members in advanced search