URL Gave An Unexpected Response

This error will appear if the check was expecting to get a WishList Member Version number in the response but received something else instead.

Access being denied to the Activation and Update Center can happen if your server/hosting provider is blocking requests to the WishList Member licensing server.

If this is the case, you would need to request the server/hosting provider to configure their firewall to allow access to the Activation and Update Center.

Here is the information that will be required by the server/hosting provider in order to accomplish this request:

wishlistactivation.com –

wishlistproducts.com –

Port : 80

File Requesting Access : wishlist-member/wpm.php

Purpose of Connection : Software License Activation

Note the server/hosting provider will allow need to allow the following:


Purpose of Connection: Checking for latest WishList Member version and allowing it to be shown on the WishList Dashboard. A link will be displayed for a newer version of WishList Member if one is available.



Purpose of Connection: Getting latest WishList Member news tp display in WishList Dashboard.

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