WishList Member API – No auth lock to open message

If you are using the WishList Member API and see the “No auth lock to open” message, that can mean there is an issue with the WishList Member API Code.

The WishList Member API includes Documentation, Classes, Functions, Hooks, Tutorials etc.

All of this information on the WishList Member API can be found here.

The WishList Member API must use the same API key that has been entered in the settings and in the code.

The screenshot below shows where the API Key can be found in the Settings > Configuration > Miscellaneous section of WishList Member.


Here are some things to check if you are using the API:

1. Upgrade to the latest wlmapiclass.php found here.

2. Make sure the URL you use to connect to the API is the same as what’s configured in WordPress. Some make the mistake of adding a “www” when the configured URL does not have one (or vice versa)

3. Make sure that the API Key you are using is correct.

4. Make sure that you do not have index.html or default.html in the same folder as index.php for WordPress. This causes the requests to be sent to the html file instead of to WishList Member

5. It might be that PHP cannot generate the cookie file. By default this file is created in the system temporary directory but some servers prevent this. Try passing a writeable folder as the third parameter when initiating wlmapiclass [ex: $api = new wlmapiclass(‘url’,’key’,’/path/to/writeable/folder’]

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