WishList Member – Updates / Support Plans

A WishList Member license comes with one year of included support and updates.

A Support Plan covers both access to our support system and updates to the WishList Member software.

Each of the WishList Member license options is a one time payment. So if you do not want support or updates after the included Support Plan expires, you do not have to purchase an additional Support Plan.

If your Support Plan expires and you do not want to update WishList Member, you can continue to use your existing version of WishList Member.

Please note that you will not be able to update WishList Member if you do not have an active Support Plan.

If you have an active Support Plan you will be able to receive support from our support system and update WishList Member when a new version is released. Only those with an active Support Plan are able to update to the new versions of WishList Member when they are released.

Your Support Plan Expiration Date can be seen in the License Information section of your WishList Member Dashboard or in the My Downloads section of the Customer Center.

We recommend those who do not have an active support and updates plan purchase a Support Plan. There are two Support Plan options and either can be purchased to provide continued support and updates.

Note: A Support Plan can be purchased before a currently active Support Plan expires and the additional time will be applied to the existing plan.

Additional information on Support Plans can be found here:


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