View And Control Activated URL(s)

The license can be deactivated by using one of the two available methods.

1. The WishList Member Dashboard

There is an option to deactivate on the bottom of the Dashboard section.


2. Customer Center

We have implemented a method to allow for Customers to control and deactivate their licenses through the Customer Center.

You can feel free to login to the Customer Center and then click on the “My Software” link

Here is a Screenshot of where that will appear once logged in. Click on the “My Software” option to view your License Info and Activated URL(s).


Then you need to click on the + symbol to view your active URLs:


You can then view your active URL(s) and can deactivate.

Customers can login  to the Customer Center using the following URL:


If you have lost or forgotten your Customer Center access, please use the “Lost your Password” feature to reset your password.


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