Transferring / Deactivating WishList Member

A WishList Member single site license can be transferred to a new URL by deactivating the license from the current testing or live site and then activating the new URL.

Once the license has been deactivated from one URL, it can be used to activate another URL.

The license can be deactivated by using one of the two available methods.

1. The WishList Member Dashboard

There is an option to deactivate on the bottom of the Dashboard section.


2. Customer Center

There is a method to allow for Customers to control and deactivate their licenses through the Customer Center.

Customers can to login to the Customer Center and then click on the My Downloads link.

Below is a Screenshot of what will appear once logged in. A Customer can click on the My Downloads option to view their License Info and Activated URL(s).


Then a Customer needs to click on the + symbol to view their active URLs:


Customers can then view and deactivate any of their active URL(s).


Below is a link to login to the Customer Center:


Any Customers who have lost or forgotten their Customer Center access can use the Lost your Password feature to reset their password.


NOTE: A WishList Member license does not contain any data.

If you want to transfer any data from one site to another site, you will need to transfer the data you want to keep to the new site.

All WishList Member data is stored in the WordPress database so would need to transfer any data to the new site from the old site.

The WishList Member License Key allows you to activate WishList Member on a WordPress site. But it does not contain any site data.

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