Tracking Member Activity and Google Analytics

You can view the last time a member logged in by clicking their Username in the Members tab of WishList Member.  But this will not display any previous login statistics.

There are 3rd party plugins that have been developed for in depth user and data tracking and we recommend checking those out in the WordPress PlugIns Directory.

There are a number of Google Analytics plugin options available.

If you search for Google Analytics in the WordPress Plugins Directory you will find some of these options.

Or, you can place your Google Analytics code on the WishList Member Registration page.

You can customize the registration page for each membership level by adding HTML above/or and below the form.

A Custom Registration Form can be created or edited in the  Settings > Registration Page > Header/Footer section of WishList Member.

Select the membership level you want to work with and then to enter the HTML above or below.


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