Test Sites (wlmtesting) Do Not Count Against WishList Member License Total

Each Single Site license can be used on one URL at a time. This includes sub-domains, sub-folders, http, https, www, etc.

So if you want two URLs active at the same time, you would need to have two Single Site licenses or a Multi-Site license.

That all being said, a URL that begins with the following does not count against the WishList Member license total.


Example: wlmtesting.wishlistmember.com

For local host sites the following examples do not count against your license total.





This means that a development or test site can be set up and does not count as a use of a WishList Member license.

The WishList Member license key and email address must still be used to activate the test/development URL, but it will not count against the WishList Member license total.

This will allow for testing on the test/development site while the live site can also use the WishList Member license key.

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