Switching From Another Membership Option To WishList Member

Switching from a different Membership option to WishList Member requires some adjustments and some things need to be considered. These all depend on the current option you are using and what you need your WishList Member site to accomplish.

WishList Member protects WordPress Categories, Comments, Posts and Pages and then you are able to allow Membership Levels access to those Categories, Comments, Pages and Posts.

A Member registers for a Membership Level and that is how that Member accesses protected content – through the Membership Level they are a part of.

WishList Member can protect content within a WordPress site (including access to downloading of files and folders that are uploaded in the WordPress database).


That being said, there are a few things to consider:

There would be no payment link between the members from the previous Membership site software and WishList Member. That payment link is created in WishList Member when the member goes through the WishList Member registration process (if a payment processor has been integrated with WishList Member).

If you wanted to connect a member with their recurring payments, you would need to manually update each member’s Transaction ID in WishList Member. This could be a fairly time intensive process depending on how many members you have.

You can paste the Transaction ID of the member payment in the Members Tab of WishList Member. You can click on the Username of the member you want to check and then you can paste the Transaction ID for the Membership Level.

Here is a Screenshot of the page that appears when you click on the Username of a member in the Members tab within WishList Member:


Note: The Transaction ID in the example screenshot is just an example. The Transaction ID may look different depending on the payment processor you use.

If you paste the Transaction ID from the payment processor into that field it will connect the WishList Member account with the payment in the payment processor.

Once you connect the member with the transaction ID from the payment processor, this would mean that if the payment is stopped at payment processor, the membership level will automatically be cancelled in WishList Member (If you use one of our Full integration options. The list of Full integration options can be viewed in the Integration > Shopping Cart section of WishList Member)


You would also need to set up access and protection for your content in WishList Member based on membership levels and access/protection.

You would also need to set Access and Protection for all your content based on membership levels.

You need to assign Protected Content to the Membership Level(s) you want to be able to ACCESS the content.

There is a difference between ACCESS and PROTECTION.

PROTECTION basically works as an On/Off switch. You have Pages, Posts and Categories that you can PROTECT. You either set them as Protected or Unprotected.

Then you set who/which Membership Level(s) have ACCESS to those Protected Pages, Posts and Categories.

To summarize, you select which Membership Levels can ACCESS the PROTECTED content.

You can set Protection and Access in the Manage Content section of WishList Member.


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