Sequential Upgrade / Drip Content Overview

You can use the Sequential Upgrade feature to drip content.

Sequential Upgrade can be set to drip out each portion of content through the use of Membership Levels.

The Sequential Upgrade can be set up to upgrade Membership Levels through each period of time you choose.  You can place the content of your choice within each of the protected Membership Levels accordingly.

For example, if you had content you wanted to release each week, you can place content within the “Week 1” Membership Level, different content into “Week 2” Membership Level and so on.

With this method, the Member can only access the content within the Membership Level they currently have access to during the scheduled Sequential upgrade process.

This Training Video shows how the Sequential Upgrade feature can be used.

Difference Between Sequential ADD and Sequential MOVE:

Sequential Add:

Members will be Added to the set Membership Level after the amount of time specified by the site admin.

As an example, a three module course could upgrade every 7 days.

You could have your members who started on module 1 (“Bronze”) be Sequentially Added to module 2 (“Silver”) after 7 days.

At this point they would be a member of both the Bronze & Silver Membership Levels. Then 7 days later they would be Sequentially Added to module 3 (“Gold”).


They main key being that members remain in the previous Membership Level when they are Sequentially Added to the next Membership Level.

Sequential Move:

Sequential Move works with the same basic principle as Sequential Add with one key exception.

After the amount of days specified they will not be Added to the next membership level but rather Moved to the new level.

This means the member will not remain in the previous Membership Level when they are Sequentially Moved to the next Membership Level.  They are Moved out of the previous Membership Level and placed in the new Membership Level.


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