Remote Connection Not Allowed By Host

This checks to ensures that your server will allow your site to connect with the WishList Member Activation and Update Center. This enables license activation and the ability to display notifications of WishList Member version updates on your WL Dashboard.

Access being denied to the Activation and Update Center can happen if your server/hosting provider is blocking requests to the WishList Member licensing server.

If this is the case, you would need to request the server/hosting provider to configure their firewall to allow access to the Activation and Update Center.

Here is the information that will be required by the server/hosting provider in order to accomplish this request: – –

Port : 80

File Requesting Access : wishlist-member/wpm.php

Purpose of Connection : Software License Activation

Note the server/hosting provider will allow need to allow the following:

Purpose of Connection: Checking for latest WishList Member version and allowing it to be shown on the WishList Dashboard. A link will be displayed for a newer version of WishList Member if one is available.



Purpose of Connection: Getting latest WishList Member news to display in WishList Dashboard.

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