Content For Individual Members

WishList Member protects Pages and Posts throughout WordPress using a Membership Levels protection system.

What this means is that you can protect areas in WordPress and only allow access to these areas for Membership Levels. All Members are placed into Membership Levels upon Registration and that is how a Member can access protected areas. A Member can access a protected area if their Membership Level has permission to access it.

That all being said, you cannot have an area that only a single Member can view unless you create a Membership Level for each Member which could be difficult to manage with any more than 10 to 20 Members.

A better solution is using the Pay Per Post feature.

The WishList Member Pay Per Post feature can be used for Posts and/or Pages.

The feature allows protection and access to be set for specific Posts/Pages that can then be made available to individual members.

Pay Per Post Training Video

You can also display Pay Per Post content on a Page/Post by using the Pay Per Post Shortcode.

There is a Blue WishList Member button that appears in the Page/Post editor which allows you to insert the desired Mergecode or Shortcode.


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