Lost / Forgot Passwords

There are two main options available if an existing member wants to update their password or contacts you and requests their login details.

1. WordPress Lost Password Feature

If a Member loses of forgets their password, they can use the WordPress “Lost your password” feature to create a new password.

You can also send that link to Members or make it available on your site.

The WordPress login form can be accessed by adding the following to your site URL:


Note that the “Lost your password” option also appears on the WishList Member login widget.


The subject and body of the email that is sent can be adjusted in the Settings > Email Settings section in WishList Member.


2. Site Admin Manually Generates New Password

You can login as the site admin and navigate to the Members tab in WishList Member.

A new password can be generated by clicking on the Member’s username in the Members section of WishList Member and then running through the WordPress Generate Password process.


You can then generate a new password for the Member.


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