Login Shortcode and Login Widget Options

Members can login using any WordPress or WishList Member login option.

If your theme includes a login option, Members can login using that as well.

There are two main login options that come with WishList Member.  The Login Shortcode and the login option that appears in the WishList Member Widget.

Login Shortcode:

You have the ability to add a specific Login Form Shortcode to an page or post which will insert the login form.

Login Form Shortcode: [wlm_loginform]

Add that code to the content section of a page or post to insert a login form.

Note that this does not need to be added to the HTML of a page or post. It can simply be added to the content area.

There is also a Mergecode and Shortcode insert option that appears on Pages and Posts. This feature was added in WishList Member 2.8 and is included in the latest versions of WishList Member.

This is a quick way to add codes to a page or post.



WishList Member Widget:

You can add the WishList Member widget to your site by navigating to the Appearance > Widgets section of WordPress.

The WishList Member widget will be available in the list of widgets. The WishList Member widget can be dragged from the list of available widgets to the sidebar on the right (like any other widget).  This action will add the WishList Member widget to your sidebar.


The WishList Member widget includes a login form that members can use to login.


The widget itself follows the same styling as your other sidebar elements so if you would like to customize it in any way, it would need to be done within your WordPress theme.

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