Incomplete Registrations

If the user does not fully fill out the registration form, they will appear as an “Incomplete Registration” within the Members section.

Basically, if they do not fill in the form that appears for registration, they will not end up with a finished and active account.

You can check the Members tab to see if there are any members with the “Incomplete Registrations” status.


If this is the case, you will want to finish those registrations (either fill in the info that appears when you click on that link yourself and then email that info to the member OR send them the actual link to finish the registration themselves).

NOTE: If you want to send the link to the member, you must right-click and save the link.  You can then send the saved link to the member.

You may also also want to include a note on your sign up page stating that members must fill in the registration form that appears after they pay in order to gain access. This can help to avoid these Incomplete Registrations.

You could state something like, “Please be sure to fill in the registration form that appears after you have paid in order to finalize the registration process. Failing to fill in the registration form fully will result in access not being granted.”.

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