How would I add members to a new membership level on a monthly basis so that they will have access to that month’s content as well?

With Sequential Upgrade, there are a couple ways to approach your desired method of delivery.

The first is to create a unique membership level for each period of training that you do. From there, the Sequential Upgrade feature would enable to you to add/move your members to the next period’s training after a specified period of time.

So for example, you could have “Module 1” and then members are automatically moved to “Module 2” after “X” days and then “X” days later they are automatically moved “Module 3” and so on.

For example:

  • Module 1 sequentially MOVE to Module 2
  • Module 2 sequentially MOVE to Module 3
  • Module 3 sequentially MOVE to Module 4
  • etc.

Another thing you could do is use the “Sequential Add”.

What this does is “add” people to a new level instead of moving them from one level to another.

So now a person can be sequentially upgraded and belong to more than one membership level as time goes on.

You would use this if you wanted to keep the content inside Module 1,2,3 totally different (so Module 2 wouldn’t have all the content from Module 1 in it).

Anyway, it works the same way except the only difference is that the person would belong to multiple levels/modules as they are upgraded accordingly.
Adding Content:

It is important to note the differences between “Move” & “Add” and grant access to your content accordingly when adding new posts depending on whether you are using sequential add or sequential move.

In the “ADD” scenario you would want to have the “Module 1″ membership level to have access to ONLY the posts/pages etc.. that you want a”Module 1” member to have. When they are added to Module 2 they will still be a part of Module 1 so you don’t need to grant that level access to the Module 1 content, only the Module 2 content.

Then after a set amount of days when they are added to Module 3 and the same logic applies. You only want to give the Module 3 membership level access to Module 3 content. They will be able to see Module 1 & 2 content because they will still be part of those levels as well.

The big difference between the 2 sequential options is that in Sequential add, users are being added to another membership level each month so they are members of MULTIPLE levels. So each post would only need to be granted access to the level that it belongs to.

With sequential MOVE they are only members of one level and you have to set your posts/pages, etc. to factor that in.

For example, as the membership levels increase in number (Module 1, Module 2, etc.) you need to be sure that when creating new posts/pages, etc. you allow access to the previous membership levels as with the Move option, members are only associated to ONE membership level.

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