How do I create the registration url for my membership site using WishList Member?

First you’ll need to create a membership level for your site. You can do this by going to “Membership Levels” in the tabs for WL Member.

After you create a membership level, a registration URL will automatically created for that membership level.

So after someone pays for your membership, you would want to direct them to this URL. The registration URL will typically be the “thank you page URL” for most paid memberships.

If it’s a free site, you would follow the same process and just direct them to the registration URL when you want people to sign up.

Here is an example of the URL I am referring to:

Once someone is taken to that URL, they will see a registration form for your membership site where they would select their username and password. And since the URL is specific to each membership level, WL Member automatically recognizes what membership level to place the user into.

Here is an example of what a registration page will look like:

So once they fill out that info, they are taken inside your membership and their info is saved in the system.

They are also sent an email from your site that contains their info for backup purposes. You can edit this email in the “Settings” section and then the “Email Settings” tab.

Here is a screenshot:

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