Hosting / Server Recommendations

The latest versions of WishList Member require that PHP 5.4 or higher, MySQL 5.0+ (MySQL 5.5+ recommended) and Apache 2 (with mod_rewrite enabled) be installed on the server and have been developed for optimal use with WordPress 4.0 or higher.

Typically, if WordPress can run on your server, you should have no issues with WishList Member as they are very similar.


It is recommended that a hosting provider be chosen that is very familiar with WordPress.

If a hosting provider works well with WordPress sites, then they will typically work well with a site running WishList Member.

Our top recommendation for hosting is WP Engine.

They specialize in hosting WordPress powered sites and consequently they deliver top notch performance as they know WordPress inside and out.

We’ve worked out a special deal with WP Engine that provides a discount on your first 3 months of service. The link below is needed to get that deal and provides more details.

WP Engine

An alternative hosting solution is Bluehost. They do not specialize in WordPress but a company of their size and reputation will be familiar with the requirements needed.


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