Getting Started with WishList Member

The best way to get started is to learn how WishList Member works and what options it offers.

WishList Member protects WordPress Categories, Comments, Posts and Pages and then you are able to allow Membership Levels access to those Categories, Comments, Pages and Posts.

A Member registers for a Membership Level and that is how that Member accesses protected content – through the Membership Level they are a part of.

WishList Member can protect content within a WordPress site (including access to downloading of files and folders that are uploaded in the WordPress database).

WishList Member also offers a Pay Per Post feature that allows protection and access to be set for specific Posts/Pages that can then be made available to members individually.


We also recommend checking out the available videos we have posted on our site. These videos help to show the features and functionality WishList Member offers.

These video appear in the Training Videos section.

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