File and Folder Protection

WishList Member does offer File and Folder protection for any files that are uploaded to the WordPress Media section.

WishList Member is able to protect the content that is within the WordPress site it has been installed on.

You are able to work within the domain your WordPress is installed on.

For example, if WordPress is installed on the following domain:

WordPress is in the mywp folder.

You can still protect a folder at

myfolder is separate from wpfolder but both are inside the same domain.

Note: the above method can only be done using Folder protection.

File protection can Only protect content added to the WordPress default upload folder.

Please see below for more info on File and Folder protection.

File Protection:

You can protect any files uploaded to the WordPress media manager the same way you protect a post.

For example, you can set protection for a video file and set access for the “Gold” membership. This way only users with the “Gold” membership level are able to play or download that video file after they login.

As a note, if the member tries to view that link in another site, it will not work unless they login into your site first.

File Protection Training Video

Folder Protection:

You can protect a folder and then copy all files you want to protect inside this folder at any time. This way you are not limited to the WordPress media manager.

You can set any folder at your site as a root of protected folders. It can be WordPress default upload folder or a folder inside the root of your site.

Then you can create a sub folder. For example “protected_videos_for_golder_members” folder inside the above parent folder you set.

You can set protection for this folder for a Membership Level that you wish to give access to that file.

Simply upload your files inside the above folder. Then every file inside this folder will be protected and users with wrong membership levels can not download or access those files.

Folder Protection Training Video

File/Folder Protection Not Working?

If the protection is not working as expected, please check to ensure either File or Folder protection set to “Yes”.

These settings are located in the Settings > Configuration > Protection Default section of WishList Member.

Also check to ensure that no file types you want to protect are in the Ignore List. Remove any extensions from this list you want to protect.


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