Email Broadcast

WishList Member includes an Email Broadcast feature in the Members > Email Broadcast section if you would like to send emails to members within membership levels.

Please note the Email Broadcast feature in WishList Member is relatively basic as there are a number of auto-responder integrations available for more in depth emailing.

The WishList Member Email Broadcast feature can be used to create and send emails but these emails cannot be scheduled. We recommend checking out the Email Broadcast functionality to decide if it will fit your needs.

Below is a tutorial video for the Email Broadcast feature:

Click Here to view the Email Broadcast Tutorial Video

If you want to be more specific with your mailings and include more features (schedule the mailings, etc.), you can look into integrating with an auto-responder that is listed in the Integration > AutoResponder section of WishList Member.

These options allow for more robust broadcasting mailing and we have included a number of auto-responder providers.

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