Does WishList Member integrate with 1 Shopping Cart (1SC)?

To integrate with 1SC, you’ll want to first create a product in their system for each level of your membership.

For example, if you have a “Free” Membership level and a “Gold” membership level, you’ll want to create a product called “XYZ Membership – Free” and “XYZ Membership – Gold”.

Similarly, you’ll want to create a corresponding autoresponder for each product inside 1SC. That way you can email your members.

If you have questions about setting up your 1SC account, I would advise calling their support – they are friendly and available to help walk you through any technical questions you may have.

Then, once you have your products setup inside 1SC, they will ask for a Thank You Page URL to send people to once someone has bought.

This is the URL that WL Member creates for you. To use this, go to “Membership Levels” and you’ll see the URL beside each membership level that you have created.

You can find the latest integration tutorial videos that walk you through this step-by-step here:


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