Connect Transaction ID With Member Account

If you have manually created an account in WishList Member and want to connect that account to the payment in your payment processor, you can paste the Transaction ID from the payment into the member account in WishList Member.

Click on the Username of the Member in the Members > Manage Members section of WishList Member and then you can paste the Transaction ID for the Membership Level into the corresponding field on the Edit User page.


Below is a Screenshot of the Edit User page that appears when you click on the Username of a Member in the Members tab within WishList Member:


Note: The Transaction ID in the example screenshot is just an example. The Transaction ID may look different depending on the payment processor you use.

If you paste the Transaction ID from the payment processor into that field it will connect the WishList Member account with the payment in the payment processor.

Creating this connection is useful if you are using a Full integration method (any integration option listed in the Shopping Cart section of the Integration tab).

Full integration means if a user cancels their payment in the online payment processor it will communicate with WishList Member and block that user’s membership.

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