Cannot Uncancel Membership Level – Member Gets Cancelled Again

Full integration means if a user cancels their payment in the online payment processor it will communicate with WishList Member and block that user’s membership.

Also, it essentially protects the site owner from people who have not paid being able to access the registration page as the page the Registration Form is on is protected. This link cannot be passed around to Non-paying members.


If this is the case with your site, if the payment was stopped or unsuccessful for that member, they will be automatically cancelled from the Membership Level in WishList Member.

If you uncancel them from the Membership Level they will then be cancelled again as payment was not successful.

If you want that member to have an active Membership Level again you will need to re-start their payment subscription in the payment processor you use or remove the Transaction ID from the member account.

Note that removing the Transaction ID from the Member account will break the tie between WishList Member and the payment processor so if the payment is stopped in the future, the Membership Level will not be automatically cancelled.


You can view the Transaction ID of the member payment in the Members Tab of WishList Member. You can click on the Username of the member you want to check and then see the Transaction ID for the Membership Level.

Here is a Screenshot of the page that appears when you click on the Username of a member in the Members tab within WishList Member:


Note: The Transaction ID in the example screenshot is just an example. The Transaction ID may look different depending on the payment processor you use.

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