Member Cancels Their Membership / Subscription

A Member can cancel their Membership by stopping payment at the payment processor if you have used a full integration method. The options in the Integration > Shopping Cart section of WishList Member can be used to integrate fully with a payment option.

If you use full integration and a Member stops their payment, their Membership Level will automatically be cancelled.

You can explain to your members that they can cancel their payment at the online payment processor and that will cancel their membership level.


Alternatively, if you are not using a full integration option or want to provide an additional method for member cancellation, they can contact the site owner and request a cancellation.

This can be managed a few different ways.

You can include an Unsubscribe page and include an email address that a member can use to request cancellation.

A web form can be used that requires a member fill in the form to request cancellation. This form can include fields like Name, Membership Level, etc.

You can then keep track of this email address or web form and then cancel the member accounts accordingly in the Members section.

Note: Members will still need to cancel their payment at the payment processor. Cancelling the membership in WishList Member will Not stop the payments. Payment must always be stopped at the payment processor level.

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