After Login Redirect Controlled By A Theme Or Another PlugIn

Some themes and some plugins include their own login redirect rules.

These login redirect options that exist outside of WishList Member can sometimes take priority as the site login redirect.

In the latest versions of WishList Member (2.8 and higher) we made the login redirect compatible with other plugins and themes. In the past WishList Member would not allow for other site login redirects to take priority, but after some compatibility changes made to WishList Member this has been adjusted.

There is a setting in WishList Member (2.8 and higher) that will allow for the original login redirect functionality to be turned on. This means it will not allow other plugins or themes to take priority over login redirects.

The setting is under Settings > Configuration > Miscellaneous section and is named “Allow WishList Member To Handle Login Redirect:”


If this option is set it to “Yes”, this will mean that WishList Member will fully control the login redirects.

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