WordPress – General Tips And Suggestions

It is encouraged to contact your hosting provider about specific hosting related questions as they are best equipped to assist with those types of requests.

That all being said, we have posted some general notes below regarding WordPress set up.

1. Hosting Account and Domain Name

When it comes to server environments for WishList Member, we don’t have any strict specifications.

Basically, if WordPress can run on your server, you should have no issues with WishList Member as they are very similar.

We do recommend you use a hosting provider that is running Apache and PHP5 and MySQL5 and a minimum of 512MB RAM (more if possible but not necessary).

If you have a server that is running the above, then you should have no issues running WordPress and WishList Member.


It is recommended that a hosting provider be chosen that is very familiar with WordPress.

If a hosting provider works well with WordPress sites, then they will typically work well with a site running WishList Member.

Our top recommendation for hosting is WP Engine.

They specialize in hosting WordPress powered sites and consequently they deliver top notch performance as they know WordPress inside and out.

We’ve worked out a special deal with WP Engine that provides a discount on your first 3 months of service. The link below is needed to get that deal and provides more details.

WP Engine

An alternative hosting solution is Bluehost. They do not specialize in WordPress but a company of their size and reputation will be familiar with the requirements needed.


2. Install and Setup WordPress

Once a domain and hosting account have been purchased, you can install and set up WordPress.

There are many options when it comes to setting up WordPress and we recommend you take some time to learn more about what you can do by watching some of the tutorials provided at WordPress.tv

There is also the WordPress Basics video tutorial series that is available to WishList Member customers in the “My Courses” section of the Customer Center.

This video series includes tutorials on how to install WordPress, Creating and Editing Pages, Adding Widgets, Installing PlugIns, Helpful Hints and more.

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